Product update: introducing modular courses

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In the dynamic every-day work of Learning and Development, finding the right balance between quantity and quality of content formats can be challenging.
At Collegial, we’re all about simplifying the complex and enhancing learning experiences, and are therefore excited to introduce you to a new practical tool – modular courses.

Our aim is simple – to simplify the content creation process. We want to make it easy for admin users, including subject matter experts, to contribute quality content without unnecessary complexity. This is not just about efficiency; it's about making the collaboration between creators and content more effective.

Simplifying the content creation process

Think of it as a way to consolidate and upgrade already existing on-demand learnings. It’ll give learning creators a possibility to build singular courses with various learning activities, from readings and videos to audios. Customize your content and types for a full immersive experience.

  • Flexible use: access existing on-demand learnings, giving you the freedom to use resources whenever needed.
  • Democratized creation: a tool that long-term can be used by a broader range of content creators, such as Subject Matter Experts, to easily create high-quality content.
  • Learner-centric: take control of the learner's experience, putting the focus on user engagement and satisfaction.
  • Streamlined process: simplify content production with efficient flow internally.

Intent scoring - our data complement into post-course analytics

In the learning landscape, most platforms evaluates content quality or user experience. However, with modular courses, we also introduce the feature of intent scoring. Instead of asking the learner about quality or satisfaction, we ask about their plans post-course. This unique data point provides a complement to your data insights into the practical application of acquired knowledge. 



Who is it for?

This feature enables administrators to create engaging content with fewer resources and complications. Our goal is to extend this capability to subject matter experts and anyone eager to share knowledge quickly. We want to make knowledge sharing simple and provide learners with a full immersive experience.

How to get started?

Modular courses are available for all customers upon request. Once set up, it becomes accessible to all employees with a managerial role on the platform. If you as a customer would like to know more, welcome to reach out to your Customer Success Manager!

Interested to explore Collegial’s solution further? Contact us today!