Niclas Oddsberg appointed new CEO of Collegial

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We are excited to share that Niclas Oddsberg has been appointed the new CEO of Collegial. He joined Collegial as Deputy CEO and Chief Commercial Officer in January this year and has worked closely with Ronald Bernette. As the founder of Collegial, Ronald will continue to be highly involved with the company, focusing on Strategic Partnerships. 


ronald-bernette-collegial"We spent close to 12-months last year looking for a person that could come onboard as Deputy CEO - with passion for what we do and the qualifications needed to take over the CEO role once the time was right. Given how well Niclas has landed in our organization, his moral compass, dedication, as well as the experience and skillset
he brings to the table - I personally could not have wished for a better CEO successor", says Ronald.


niclas-oddsberg"Personally, it has been an incredible experience getting to know Ronald, the entire Collegial Team, our expansive network of supported enterprises and partners, alongside our ecosystem of globally renowned content providers.

The trust placed in me by Ronald, our chairman Tom Johnstone and the board, to take on the role of Collegial's CEO, is a true honor. My passion for this organization has grown immensely in a very short time, and I am genuinely excited about our future collaboration and success," says Niclas.

Niclas Oddsberg has commenced his position as CEO of Collegial September 1, 2023.

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