Key insights from Collegial and IMD's AI roundtable

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At the Combient Conference 2024, Collegial hosted a pre-roundtable event with peers from diverse enterprises engaging in AI's strategic business applications.

The session, led by world-leading IMD expert Öykü Işık, provided valuable insights, and Collegial CLO Caroline Johansson found the reflections on the need to match already ongoing learning by doing with internal guidance and curated learning for different target groups particularly insightful.

The roundtable discussion offered a rich exploration of the challenges, opportunities and use cases of GenAI integration in corporate functions. It highlighted the necessity of shifting focus from purely technical training to encompass transformation, communication, and stakeholder management skills, reflecting a holistic approach to corporate learning for leveraging AI effectively.

The discussion also centered on balancing AI innovation with risk management and ethics, focusing on data control for privacy and security. This approach is key for compliance, customer trust, and maintaining a strong corporate reputation.

AI's diverse sector applications, impacting operational efficiency, innovation, and product quality, were showcased. The need for responsible AI usage and ethical frameworks for sustainable corporate integration was reiterated.

Lastly, strategic application and selection of AI technologies were discussed, stressing the importance of customizing AI training for various organizational roles. Investing in learning and content for every level, from leadership to specific job functions, is essential.

collegial-roundtable-1In the words of Collegial’s CLO who participated in the discussion, what really stands out in this discussion about AI, and particularly GenAI, is its similarity to traditional learning initiatives. It's about creating a shared language, tailoring approaches to different groups and needs within the company, and doing so in a way that generates enthusiasm and a shared understanding. However, a distinctive challenge with AI is its rapid adoption, where people are already using tools like ChatGPT. We often find ourselves racing to provide regulations and clarity – explaining what AI is and, importantly,
what it isn't.

This situation, while different, is actually beneficial from a learning perspective. Usually, we strive to motivate people to change their behavior or adopt new practices, but here, they're already engaged. This presents a unique advantage – people are already utilizing the technology. So, our task is to harness this excitement, provide clear guidelines, and ensure that management understands and embraces their role in this. It's about speed, managing the momentum, and steering it responsibly.

Collegial and IMD have teamed up to offer an exclusive AI Sprint, especially for members of the Combient Network. It's designed to provide C-level executives and high-level managers with a strategic edge by offering tools and insights to demystify generative AI and explore its application in your business through real-world examples.