Building a security-first culture

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Strong cybersecurity requires more than just technology - it also depends on company culture. Today, all companies and organizations are potential targets for cyber-attacks, and need to ensure the protection and competence to prevent them.

In this recorded webinar, thought-leaders and industry experts from PwC, Truesec and Combient Mix, have a collegial discussion about how businesses can build and sustain a cybersecurity culture.

Various aspects are covered during the talk, such as how to build and train a cybersecurity culture, challenges in ensuring cybersecurity practices and behavior, how to motivate employees and encourage them to adopt a cybersecurity mindset, common misconceptions, the role of leadership in improving cybersecurity and latest hacker trends and tactics.

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Expert speakers


Johan Lindfors
Chief Innovation Officer
at Truesec

Matt Carey webinar collegial

Matt Carey
Director, Global Threat Intelligence - EMEA Lead at PwC


Emelie Wahlström
Engagement Manager & Data Scientist at Combient Mix