Product Update: Manager Dashboard

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Collegial is proud to announce a major new capability in our Platform: The Manager Dashboard


Why do we have it?

We understand that managers are the ultimate catalyst for learners' growth and competency development and as such it's crucial that managers has an easy way to follow the learning progress of their learners. With the manager dashboard we have given managers all the tools needed to analyse the learning situation of their team, decide on actions and ultimately help direct reports grow!

What is it?

The manager dashboard is a new part of the platform where managers can get information about the learning journey of their direct reports. It allows you, as a manager, to see the data from your team's perspective and dig deeper into an individual learning or course to understand what’s happening under the hood. As a manager you are able to:

  • Follow up on your teams learning progress, in order to have an overview of your teams learning health
  • Drill down into a specific learners, to have a deeper insight into a specific what content a learner consumes and the progress on the content
  • Find most used learning for the team and see which learnings are not only started but also completed
  • Drill down into specific content in order to see which learners consumes the learnings and who finishes it
  • Follow up on assigned learnings and see content consumption and finishing rates to see overall progress for your team when it comes to assigned learnings
  • Further drill downs in order to support your learners and in order for gentle reminders

All views are sortable and comes with filters, creating the possibility of slicing the data for deeper insight.

How to get it

The manager dashboard is available for all customers on request, and after setup the manager dashboard will be automatically be available for all employees with a manager role in the platform.

Want to know more?

If you as a customer would like to know more, welcome to reach out to your Customer Success Manager!