Train to Hire

A collaborative approach to attract, develop, and retain the talent you need. Our program with Combient and Udacity is a customized solution to address talent shortages and reduce recruitment costs. 

  • A turnkey program that will alleviate hiring ­challenges for participating companies by ­creating an alternative talent pool

  • Attracting individuals who are seeking a ­career in tech, to train them to practitioner ­level in the most in-demand skills

  • In 6 months creating a private talent ­pipeline of job-ready individuals for Combient companies to hire from



Are you interested to learn more about the program?

Don't miss the opportunity to commit before end of June to onboard the skill profiles you need in January 2024.

Book a discovery meeting with us on a day suitable for you to get a better understanding of: 

  • What Train to Hire is
  • Defined timelines
  • Investments needed
  • Expected outcomes
  • Process moving forward

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