Activate strategic learning at scale

Drive learners towards application and ability through scalable learning initiatives. Turn learning into measurable business impact. 
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Support your centers of excellence

Collegial’s on-platform learning methodology fuels learning engagement towards strategically important goals. Our group-based learning approach enables effective, interactive learning at scale, for companies to drive and track application of competence.
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Adaptable learning journeys
Tailor learning journeys for different roles and purposes, and complement external, off-the-shelf content with internal context and collaborative sessions.
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Managed content selections
Access business-validated and continuously updated selections of learning content, from world-leading providers in our content ecosystem.
Complementary data insights
Measure corporate learning with a holistic perspective, exploring user behaviors, team competencies, and the impact of learning.
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Strategic Learning Initiatives

Learning process and content, packaged and ready-to-go!

Our Strategic Learning Initiatives combine pre-selected off-the-shelf content with internal examples and discussions, to deliver on your strategy and business goals. They are designed to drive and track learning engagement, application and behavior change.

  • Learning journeys adaptable to different target groups and goals
  • Cohort-design including kick-offs, pre-selected off-the-shelf content, webinars, and discussion channels
  • Customer Success team to ensure your objectives are met

When learning supports strategy we achieve fantastic results


Your missing piece

Collegial complements your learning ecosystem by providing the solution for strategic learning activation. Simply add Collegial to your technology puzzle to provide a more impactful learning experience.

Cross-company programs

Co-created with industry experts, the programs are based on the needs of industry-leading companies. Whether you are familiar with our programs or just discovering them, you'll find a learning experience where participants come together across companies to solve real business challenges.

  • Continuous collaboration in Learning Teams
  • Webinars and interaction with faculty and experts
  • Combines business theory with cases and company examples
Kristina Bixo, Global Head of Learning and Development
" Collegial provides us with data sets that enable visualization of learning impact, and has supported us in more than doubling our company-wide learning engagement via “SEB Campus” - our branded version of the Collegial learning platform. "
Dorna Eriksson Shafiei, Vice President Talent Management
" Collegial is a trusted partner to Atlas Copco in co-creating and delivering high-quality digital and interactive learning journeys across key areas such as Agile ways of working, Digitalization, and Artificial Intelligence. "

Don't miss out

Generative AI for all employees

It is high time to join the GenAI transformation of society and business. Companies now need to equip all levels of their organization with an understanding of the possibilities, risks and importance of GenAI.

Our Strategic Learning Initiative on GenAI is designed to help businesses effectively leverage Generative AI. In collaboration with world-leading universities and executive education institutes as well as experts on AI and digitalization, we offer a set-up that caters to employees at all levels.


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Adaptable learning journeys

In this video, we'll walk you through the setup process for learning journeys in the Collegial platform. Get ...