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Modern times require modern learning experiences. With Collegial's solution, you can offer your employees what they need to stay relevant so that you stay competitive in today's business landscape. Match competence needs with the right content, help your learners learn and apply, and do it at speed. 
Learn with purpose

Learn with purpose

Learning is easier when you understand the why. Ensure that the learning is relevant for both employees and the organization through line-of-sight and clarity of purpose. Collegial puts the why at the center of learning. 

Goal-based learning
Put the business goal front and center for your learners as they go on their learning journey. This will make the importance of the learning clear upfront, and throughout your initiative.
Time-based learning


Break down the learning scope into a weekly learning time goal, to enable learners to spread out their learning over time and create a learning habit. Only by learning a little at a time can learning stick.

Assigned learning

Assign learning items to your learners to make it crystal clear to them what is most important to get done. 

Learn together

There's nothing like learning together with other people. Harness the power of collegial learning, sharing reflections and exchanging thoughts and ideas. Collegial is a platform designed to connect people around learning.

Cohort-based initiatives

Design and facilitate learning journeys for participants to go on together. By learning the same things at the same time, learners can learn from each other's questions, experiences, and perspectives.

Live events

Set up and communicate your seminars and webinars in one place. You can add important information, assign learners and manage waitlists, creating a smooth sign-up experience.

Cross-company learning spaces
Enable your learners to learn together with employees from other organizations. This will give them the possibility to share ideas and get new perspectives, outside-in.
Learn together
Learning happens everywhere

Learning happens everywhere

Learning doesn't happen only in the classroom, virtual or IRL. Recognize and legitimize all types of learning activity and get valuable insights into the full scope of your employees' learning behavior. With Collegial, you have the tools to stay ahead of the curve and bring the formal and informal together. 

  • Add all types of learning time
  • Link to learning everywhere
  • Follow up on external learning time

Learning insights for impact

Learners need your support to stay engaged and on track. Understand what motivates and is relevant for your learners by following up on their progress. The Collegial platform gives you the insights needed to encourage and nudge learners along their learning journey. Never lose track of your learners' progress! 

  • Manager dashboard
  • Administrator dashboard
  • Data exports
Learning insights for impact
Jumpstart your learning culture

Jumpstart your learning culture

Creating a learning culture can be daunting, but every journey starts with a first step. With Collegial's simple plug-and-play platform and pre-defined and managed content selections, you can get up and running today. Take the first step and iterate as you go!

  • Plug-and-play learning initiatives
  • Managed content selections
  • Add your own content

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